Your warranty guide

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Genuine warranty

All Flat Top hard covers purchased and fitted by us from February 1, 2020, now enjoy a lifetime structural and paint warranty (previously 3 years). This warranty applies to the original purchaser when purchased through Flat Top or our Authorized dealers. It is non-transferable and covers the original purchaser and truck owner of the lid installation. The structure of your Flat Top is warranted to be free of physical manufacturing defects in the materials and workmanship for the lifetime of the owner as long as they own the ute. Other components, such as hardware, are warranted for 36 months.


  • Paint appearance standards: The paint is expected to meet commercial class B finish* in critical areas and B minus in non-critical areas. This standard is set in natural daylight at 1200 lumens. Flat Top does not imply or warrant any other standard. Products fitted by customers are deemed to be accepted once fitted.

  • Damage exclusions: The warranty does not cover damage due to abuse, misuse, accidents, improper installation, removal, or reinstallation. Crazing or cracking from impact or misuse is not warranted. Damage to accessories or vehicles other than your Flat Top is excluded. Misalignment or improper fitting are not warranted. Damage caused by overheight loads or operating the vehicle in the open position is also excluded. Freight costs are excluded. If your Flat Top is defective, it must be returned to Flat Top for repair.

Pro-cote warranty

Pro-Cote guarantees the performance of its coatings for 7 years from the painting date or to match the window manufacturer’s warranty period, whichever is shorter, under normal usage and exposure against UV fade exceeding 20%. Please note that there are no current Australian wet spray paint standards that apply to the painting of uPVC profiles.


  • Damage incurred in transit or on-site, including chipping (acceptance is ex our factory).

  • Damage or failure due to exposure to window alkali/acid washes (Mild soapy water wash is advised).

  • Paint splitting at the weld seam in case of part failure itself.

  • Damage or adhesion loss due to adhesive tape being attached to the paint surface.

  • Power washing on edges. Progress does not paint black or dark-colored windows.

  • Unqualified uPVC material that has not been tested by Progress Spray (please check with Progress beforehand).

  • Any consequential damages.

Terms & Conditions:

All warranties are in addition to the implied warranties under the Trade Practices Act 1974. All goods are sold on an ex-works basis in Victoria. All goods shipped are insured against damage. Any claim must be made at the time of receipt, and damaged goods will only be accepted by the consignee with inspected damage noted on the delivery docket. Damaged items should be photographed and sent to the consignor for processing with the insurance company. Repair costs will be assessed by the insurance company and/or its agents based on the details provided. Repairs can be made locally or goods can be shipped back, depending on the fair assessed repair costs. Accredited insurance repairers will be used locally to obtain repair costs. A mutually agreeable and commercially acceptable resolution will be reached by both parties.

For more information about our Flat Top Genuine Warranty or Pro-Cote Warranty, please contact us.

Note: *Global OEM appearance standards: Toyota THS 3131G, GM HN1664, Ford WSK.